I am grateful to have had Dustin Stern as a Life Coach. He had great insights, questions, and tools that helped me as I made some important life changes and choices. His friendly and knowledgeable approach helped me believe in myself to make empowering moves toward what I want to and am creating for my life.

Suzanne S

I had an excellent experience in life coaching with Dustin Stern. Dustin is caring, gentle and at the same time challenging. He demonstrated excellent listening skills and an ability to focus on what was essential. He helped to identify clear and concise action plans to address and help me meet my goals. Dustin was not judgmental if I did not meet those goals right away and was supportive and encouraging throughout the life coaching process. He challenged me to set high goals and also to break them down into achievable ones. I continue to utilize ideas and methods from life coaching well after I have completed the process.

John Z

Dustin has a real gift as a life coach. I started the session feeling frenetic and disconnected from my work. Within 60 minutes I felt present in my body and clarity on the topic I was stuck on. I experienced a major breakthrough during our time together and even many days after. I would recommend Dustin to folks who are looking to shift their mindset and transform their lives completely.

Gabrielle V


It had been years since I had created a resume. The blank computer screen felt overwhelming. Dustin’s ability to listen and transcribe our conversation about my work history and responsibilities into an eloquent and creative resume was brilliant. He was extremely thorough and careful not to use the same adjectives and cliche phrases. He asked leading, thought provoking questions requiring me to dig deeper. He came up with some great ideas to add to my resume which would have not occurred to me. He has a real gift!

Deborah S

I came to Dustin for resume advice when I noticed it was underperforming in my job search. Dustin patiently went line by line with me to make revisions, and asked thought- provoking questions to ensure the most important parts of my experiences were highlighted. After my resume was revised and given an attractive new layout, I received compliments from a highly respected Chief Talent Officer during an interview. I highly recommend Dustin for anyone’s resume building and revising needs.

Olivia S